Friday, 24 January 2014

Luxaflex and Colourways 2014 Trend Forecast

Buckle up and get ready for the 2014 trends to take you on a journey through time. From simple pastels to majestic jewel-like hues, this year we’re anticipating developments in fashion that will ignite the senses and take interior design to the next level.

This year, Colourways, part of the Design Institute of Australia, have forecast the following four trends: Pioneering Spirit, Industrial Evolution, Sunday Matinee and Byzantine Princess to have an impact on the broader design industry.

How did these trends come about?
Colourways, in collaboration with various design industry experts, came together to reflect on the colours, patterns and textures which had an increasing presence in the industry as well as in normal day-to-day environments. They also worked together to select various items of inspiration to capture those colours and designs and represent what they believe would continue to evolve in the year ahead.

We’re thrilled to have three Luxaflex fabrics selected as items of inspiration for 2014. These fabrics are: Telopea (colour: Storm), Mauritius (colour: Drizzle) and Harper (colour: Papaya).

Pioneering Spirit celebrates the beauty in all natural landscapes. It encourages you to be inspired by the simple things around you and use them to recreate something magnificent.

The foundation of design today has been built from the bricks of history.  Industrial Evolution embraces the dark beauty of the past and transforms different textures and grains into something contemporary.

Sunday Matinee boasts a fresh and pastel colour pallet. Taking us back in time, soft colours and dusty hues are predicted to refresh and revive, harking back to a simpler era.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Byzantine Princess encourages us to awaken our inner royal and surpass the initial perceptions of our surroundings. Take control as you embrace rich jewel-like textures and colours.

To see and feel the inspirational Luxaflex fabric range Contact your Local Luxaflex Dealer.

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